Beer Day Britain

Beer Day Britain, Britain’s National Beer Day, has finally evolved!

Beer Day Britain logo (2) Behind the idea is an honorary PV lady, Jane Peyton (Beer sommelier of the year, author, events producer and evange-ale-ist). Although she is not a brewer she has always had a heavy involvement in brewing beers with the Project Venus ladies. To find out more about the day, here is the website, Beer Day Britain.

In honor of the day there was a mini PV brew day with Sara Barton at Brewsters Brewery. Jane, Sue Fisher of Gadd’s and Sophie de Ronde of Muntons joined Sara at her brewery to create ‘Britannia Brew’, a magical brew with ingredients from all the corners of our Kingdom:

Britannia's Brew with botanicals‘With notes of zesty orange and spice from British Boadicea & Sovereign hops to complement the rich biscuit and light caramel malt palate. It also contains botanicals to represent the home nations of Britain. Seaweed for Wales; Red and white rose petals for the Tudor Rose (England); Heather for Scotland; Flax Seeds Northern Ireland.’

Bottles are available to order from Ales By Mail, Britannia Brew.

To follow the events and antics from the day follow on twitter and like on Facebook:



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